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    Joseph Bourdeau is a composer, educator and performer currently living in San Diego, California. Influenced by diverse artistic interests, Joseph’s work blends music, humor and theater, while often manipulating familiar sounds and situations in the pursuit of surreal new experiences.

   Active in a number of capacities Joseph has worked in mediums ranging from notated concert music, to free improvisation, as well as various kinds of electroacoustic, popular, and theatrical music. In 2018 he composed, recorded, and mixed songs for a production of Bertolt Brecht’s play Mother Courage and Her Children, at the Mandell Weiss Theatre in La Jolla, and in 2019 premiered his own half-hour long monodrama Songs from Patmos: Music for the End of the World. His concert music has also been performed across the U.S and abroad, and his 2019 piano and electronics work The Imaginary Concerto was performed across the U.S by Mari Kawamura as part of her New Virtuosities series. 

Also an active performer, Joseph recently performed with trombonist Berk Schneider, and electronic musician Douglas Osmun as a part of the Festival de Música Nueva de Ensenada 2022 in Baja California, and his duo work with Osmun, Reconstruction 2, was premiered at the 2021 NSEME festival. Joseph appears as a percussionist on several recordings with the University of South Florida Percussion Group, as well as a number of self-released projects. Joseph is currently working on a duo album with flautist Teresa Díaz de Cossio, and plans to release an album of self-produced experimental popular music in 2023. 


     Joseph holds bachelor’s degrees in Music Education and Composition from the University of South Florida, where he studied with Baljinder Sekhon, and a master’s in composition from UC San Diego, where he studied with Natacha Diels, and Marcos Balter, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in music under Wilfrido Terrazas.

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