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Moonflower - for guitar trio (2017)

Dieter Hennings, Jeremy Bass, + Kique Ortiz - guitars

Crosswords for flute, recorder + percussion (2020)

composed + performed by Teresa Díaz + Joseph Bourdeau 3.8.20

The Duke and the Man on Fire - fixed video (2022)

Joseph Bourdeau (2022)

non dénouement - from "ghostbox" (2022)

Joseph Bourdeau, drums; Douglas Osmun, synth;
Berk Schneider, trombone (2022)

Drunken Hiccups - for violin + electronics (2019)


Miranda Cuckson - violin; Joseph Bourdeau - composer

Reconstruction 2 - for synth and multi instrumentalist (2021)

Premiered virtually, 4.28.21 as a part of UC San Diego Springfest 2021

Douglas Osmun, synth + video; Joseph Bourdeau, multi

Songs from Patmos: Music for the End of the World (2019)

Premiered virtually, 9.4.2020 as a part of Festival COARTS 2020

live performance at the UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Music Center 4.14.19

Joseph Bourdeau, multi

Love is Real - fixed video (2021)

samples from a song by Hatsumi Shibata + Southern California radio

La Llorona Project:
Aproximación experimental a un Son Istmeño

Premiered virtually, 9.4.2020 as a part of Festival COARTS 2020

Mariana Flores - voice / composer; Wilfrido Terrazas - flutes;
Kathryn Schulmeister - bass + ukulele
; Joseph Bourdeau - percussion

Edges of a Song (that was once about muschrooms) -
fixed video (2021)

Edges of a Song (that was once about mushrooms)
Play Video

premiered virtually 11.29.21

Anqi Liu, modular synth, piano + voice; Teresa Diaz de Cossio, flutes + voice

Joseph Bourdeau, sound + video editing

The Porpitid Show: Spring Smash-Up Extravaganza - live-streamed audiovisual performance (2021)

Premiered virtually, 4.29.21 as a part of UC San Diego Springfest 2021

Joseph Bourdeau - voice, electronics + video art


live recording from UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Concert Hall 3.2.20

Qingqing Wang, composer; Joseph Bourdeau, percussion

Jabberwocky - for speaking percussionist (2012)

live recording at the FSU Lindsay Recital Hall 4.15.17

John McGovern, timpani + voice

VIDEO 2 - audiovisual improvisation (2021)

Joseph Bourdeau - recorder, electronics + video feedback

Ants in Your Pants! - from PocKeT MUSiC (2017)

part of a collaborative project performed 6.28.18

Lauren Jones, multi + video; Mari Kawamura, multi

Joseph Bourdeau, multi

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